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  • Remote learning has been a struggle for many students during the pandemic 
  • More parents are taking on the role of teaching their own children, but are finding more resistance
  • Fewer investments are going into public education from our government
  • More students than ever are failing to keep up and are falling behind
  • There is a shortage of qualified math educators in schools today

We are here to help.  At Math Doctor, our team of STEM educators come to your home on a day and time that works best for you. Your child will be coached and mentored by a chosen private tutor who genuinely cares. 

Many of us have been teaching online prior to the pandemic, using a collaborative whiteboard to lead an engaging tutorial session.  Backed by an extensive collection of Ontario-aligned instructional resources, our goal is to create a space for young people to fall in love with math and science.  We are confident the results will follow.











Founder and Director of Education

Vision: To change the way young people look at math and science.  We do this by being interactive and using engaging activities to help make math and science fun.  We firmly believe that if kids enjoy it, they will naturally want to spend more time on it.  Repetition will build speed, confidence, and better grades! 

Sophie (Team Lead)

Sophie is a Math and Business Double Degree student at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. With years of experience working with kids as a math tutor and rhythmic gymnastics coach, she loves passing on her knowledge to help students reach their full potential. Able to teach Grades 2 to 12 in English or French, she tailors her sessions to best suit the needs of her students. She strives to make math more enjoyable and help students develop a love for learning. Sophie was also a rhythmic gymnast and won a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Aliza (Team Lead)

My name is Aliza and I recently graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour. I have experience working with middle and high school students on math and science. While tutoring, I prioritize an individualized learning approach to make sure my students are being taught in the way they learn best. I also offer study and organization tips for tests and exams to ensure my students feel ready to take on any challenge!


My name is Carra and I am a student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Finance and Data Science. My goal is to help students achieve their academic best, whether that be at the elementary, middle, or high school level. By personalizing each teaching style, I hope to enhance mathematical, logical, and critical-thinking skills for my students in a supportive learning environment. I want to create confidence and success in my students, empowering them to utilize those skills for the future!


Hi, my name is Chris and I’m currently studying Life Sciences at Queen’s University. My education has given me a strong and extensive knowledge of the sciences, namely biology and chemistry, as well as calculus. When working with students, my teaching style is very adaptable depending on what the student responds best to, but I typically begin by guiding the student through some examples before giving them the chance to try it for themselves. Along the way, I also teach students powerful tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. In my free time, I’m an avid musician and have played guitar and bass for nearly a decade!


Hi!  This is Claudia and I recently graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering.  I have experience working with elementary and high school students on math and science.  I believe in tailoring my teaching style to meet the unique needs of each student.  I use a variety of teaching methods, including real-world examples and interactive exercises.  With my guidance, you’ll not only solve equations but also embrace them with enthusiasm.  I’m here to help!


My name is Marco, and I am proud to be a tutor here at Math Doctor!  I’m from Toronto, received a Honours Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Data Science from the University of Toronto. This will be my fifth year teaching math topics from Grade 3 to Grade 12. I’m grateful to help every student achieve their academic goals and create a positive learning environment!


Hi, I’m Monica, your friendly tutor and incoming medical student. With 7+ years of experience, I make learning fun by tailoring lessons to your interests. If a concept is challenging, I’ll present it in a fresh way to help you grasp it. Armed with an M.Sc. and a B.Sc., I also have 1.5 years of teaching math and sciences to grades 8 to 12. I love working with students of all levels, including those with ADHD and autism. Let’s learn together! 

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We primarily tutor families residing in Midtown Toronto and the surrounding neighbourhoods.  

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