Terms & Conditions



Welcome to Math Doctor!  We are so glad to have you and your child on board.  Before we start, it is important that our tutors and parents/legal guardians work together to achieve the best possible result for the students.   The partnership of everyone involved ensures they get the best tutoring experience.

The purpose of this agreement is to communicate the responsibilities and expectations between the parent/legal guardian and the tutor.  The following are agreed-upon responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support our student’s success.

Tutor’s Obligations

  • To deliver an impactful and engaging tutorial experience
  • To contact the parent/legal guardian if he/she will be late
  • To commit to the specified date and time of a tutorial session once it has been confirmed by both him/her and the parent/legal guardian
  • To be a positive role model for the student
  • To encourage and respect the individuality of the student’s unique learning style
  • To maintain discretion about personal or private matters about the student, parents, home, or their family
  • The tutor shall never consult with the client directly in relation to payment matters.  It is the obligation of Math Doctor management to communicate with the Client about payment.

Parent/Legal Guardian/Students’ Obligations


  • Understand the expectation is at least 1 hour of tutoring time each week for the student to create momentum and maximize their learning potential
  • Let the tutor and/or Math Doctor management team know when my child cannot attend the tutoring session
  • Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice must be paid in full.  Excessive cancellations may be ground for termination.
  • For all payment inquiries, I understand that all communications are directed to the Math Doctor management team only.  Payments are to be sent to the Math Doctor team, not to the tutors.
  • Clients are prohibited by contract by entering into private agreements with tutors introduced by Math Doctor.