SSAT, ACT, Digital SAT


How Does Our Program Work? 

Our program begins with a practice test.  Your tutor will use this exam as a diagnostic assessment to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Lessons focus on classic test preparation techniques, content review by key topics, and deconstructing each practice questions to guide decision making.  We recognize that these testing undergoes changes from time to time, so we have invested heavily into the latest test-specific materials and official guides to best help our students.  As the program continues, we regularly monitor your progress, and if necessary, make adjustments to our plan.  The overall goal is to ensure that each student feels confident and prepared on test day, and that he/she scores at or above his/her potential.  We have a strong track record of leading our students; some of which have gone on to some of the most prestigious private schools and colleges in the world.

Do you tutor the verbal/reading comprehension of these tests too? 

Absolutely!  Our trained tutors can prepare you in all facets of the SSAT.  This includes both the Reading Comprehension and Verbal section.  Elementary Level (Grades 3 to 4), Middle Level (Grades 5 to 7), and Upper Level (Grades 8 to 11).

As for the new Digital SAT, we can help with the Reading and Writing sections.  We can help with the English and Reading sections of the ACT.

Will the tutor be giving homework for the week?  

Absolutely!  Your child will be given relevant practice questions to work on.  This will help him/her develop a greater familiarity with the concepts taught.  We highly encourage the student to do further self-study outside of class time.

How long does it take to prepare for my standardized test?  

Under the guidance and leadership of our trained tutors, we recommend your child to start preparing for the SSAT roughly 4 to 6 months ahead of the test date, especially for students currently in Grade 3, 5, and 8 due to an extensive list of key concepts that will need to be mastered.

As for the Digital SAT and ACT test, time will vary depending on your child’s baseline score, target score, as well as how much time they can allocate for concentrated self-study.

How much does our 1-on-1 test prep program cost?  

SSAT (Elementary and Middle Level): $70/hr

SSAT Upper Level, Digital SAT, ACT: $75/hr

Note: There is a surcharge of $10 per session for in-person tutoring.  Limited spaces available.  Subject to tutor availability.  

"We saw a marked improvement in my son's scores and he was offered acceptance at multiple private schools. We can't thank you enough!"
Judy W.